[Herts] New web site

Tony Friis tony-lug at friis.co.uk
Mon Nov 5 11:36:59 GMT 2007

I agree that being backed by subversion would be good, but higher on my 
priority list is ReStructuredText and DocBook facilities (though not 
necessarily for the LUG) both of which moinmoin can handle. Incidentally 
it also handles external editing with your own $EDITOR - using a plugin.

I understand about wiki's being open, but I thought that these days at 
least an automatic login was advisable in order to decrease the 
spamming. Perhaps one only applies that if things get too bad for the 
"soft" security / cleanup to be effective.

Glad to see you're keeping an eye on us Dom - are you still around this 


Dominic Hargreaves wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 26, 2007 at 09:36:51AM +0100, Steve Clark wrote:
>> Having played a bit with Wordpress I'm wondering if a wiki is really 
>> necessary. WP allows for creating lots of static pages, as opposed to 
>> blog entries. It has a nice 'rich text' editor, but I'm not sure how 
>> easy it is to link between the pages. It should also be possible for 
>> people to add comments to these pages. What would we actually use a wiki 
>> for? If it's just to expand on topics covered in talks then this may be 
>> enough. I would have no problem with us linking to members' own sites if 
>> they contain more details.
> I've recently set up an ikiwiki instance from some internal
> documentation at work, and I'm thinking of using it as a basic CMS for
> some public facing sites (without public facing editing). It's
> subversion backed, which is a big win for me (means I can use a proper
> text editor rather than be tied to a web form) - it is also very
> pluggable. It also generates static content and supports openid and so
> on.
> If you want to use it as a traditional wiki, as a community
> knowledgebase, I would advise against having to manually create accounts
> for members.
> The web site is
> http://ikiwiki.info/
> Anyway, that's my current ramble on the matter - I now return to lurking :)
> Cheers,
> Dominic.

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