[Herts] In the news

Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Mon Oct 8 08:39:30 BST 2007

The list has been very quiet lately. Is nobody leaping forward to
volunteer a talk for this week?

I've not done anything exciting recently to talk about, but here's a
couple of recent news items that look interesting:

1. A motherboard that comes with Linux on-board


2. The Wordpress blogging software got a new version recently. Thanks to
Bigpresh I've had a play and am planning to migrate my site to this
platform soon. I know a few LUGgers run blogs on various platforms, some
of their own devising. Maybe we could get some talks about the options
for those who would like to have their own site

3. Classic Douglas Adams on Radio 4. You can still catch episode 1 on
Listen Again


See you Wednesday


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