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Tony Friis tony-lug at friis.co.uk
Fri Oct 26 00:22:14 BST 2007

Kevin and I have been looking at Wiki's and feel that moinmoin would be 
a good bet (partly because of (my) personal preferences).

Will it be possible to integrate the Wiki and the blog somehow. At the 
very least we should be able to host them on the same server and cross 
reference them from the same home page, whichever is more convenient.
Basically moinmoin just needs python.

Kevin has managed to get a wiki running, Internet accessible, but I 
suspect it may need to be a bit more secure.

Would people expect to have to log on? Should the logon's be vetted 


Steve Clark wrote:
> As discussed last night I have been thinking about how we could use
> Wordpress to make a better site. Dave very kindly set up a site for me
> to play with and I have quickly knocked up a few pages to show the
> possibilities:
> http://steevc.dev.preshweb.co.uk/
> Let me know what you think. I can set up some accounts if you want to
> play. There are various levels of user with differing capabilities:
> http://codex.wordpress.org/Roles_and_Capabilities
> Obviously we would have to do something about the look of the site to
> make it distinctive, but I have not got into that aspect yet. It needs
> someone with web design experience.
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