[Herts] New web site

Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Fri Oct 26 09:37:22 BST 2007

Tony Friis wrote:
> Kevin and I have been looking at Wiki's and feel that moinmoin would be 
> a good bet (partly because of (my) personal preferences).
> Will it be possible to integrate the Wiki and the blog somehow. At the 
> very least we should be able to host them on the same server and cross 
> reference them from the same home page, whichever is more convenient.
> Basically moinmoin just needs python.
> Kevin has managed to get a wiki running, Internet accessible, but I 
> suspect it may need to be a bit more secure.
> Would people expect to have to log on? Should the logon's be vetted 
> manually?

Sending this again. I tried doing it from Gmail, but maybe the list 
doesn't support doing that with a different from address.

Having played a bit with Wordpress I'm wondering if a wiki is really 
necessary. WP allows for creating lots of static pages, as opposed to 
blog entries. It has a nice 'rich text' editor, but I'm not sure how 
easy it is to link between the pages. It should also be possible for 
people to add comments to these pages. What would we actually use a wiki 
for? If it's just to expand on topics covered in talks then this may be 
enough. I would have no problem with us linking to members' own sites if 
they contain more details.

We can create accounts for all members on WP, but also allow for others 
to add comments if we want. I would like to see use of OpenID. I know WP 
has some support.

Let me know if you want an account to try it out.


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