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David Precious davidp at preshweb.co.uk
Fri Sep 21 09:56:08 BST 2007

Steve Clark wrote:
> For those who donated to Mr Ronan's charity jaunt to Italy in an old
> jalopy, but don't use Facebook, you can read all about it at
> http://facebooked.org.uk/
> This also features lots of pictures so you can see where your face
> appears on the car. They've raise over a grand so far.
> Warning, contains images of silliness.

And even better, they've got a Google Maps tracker tool to show where
they are (they check in with it every now and then; not sure exactly
what kind of device they're using to do that).

Take a look at:


Looks like the lazy buggers are still in their hotel in Calais at the
moment :)

(Click each little waypoint bit and it'll tell you the time it was
recorded, and possibly a note too.


Dave P

David Precious
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