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Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Tue Sep 25 08:38:01 BST 2007

I know a few people in the LUG have built their own blogging systems for
their sites. As someone who uses a ready-made system I admire that. Well
here's a site that takes this to extremes


I'm mulling over changing my site again. I like the simplicity of
Pyblosxom. You just write a text file, put it on the server and it
appears as a blog entry. It can also do comments, with spam filtering.
I'm just thinking that I would like something that makes it easier to
quickly add a post via the web and has a few more features.

I know Dave P sings the praises of Wordpress. It looks like it might do
what I want. I used to run Postnuke, which is similar in that it uses
PHP and a database, but was too complex for my needs. I do like the fact
that Wordpress includes semantic concepts like XFN. I suspect it would
generally do what I want, but would like some reassurance before I take
the plunge.

So I'm open to suggestions on what I should use. It's just for a
personal blog like I have now. I need basics like comments and RSS
feeds. Anything else is a bonus.


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