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Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Tue Sep 25 10:17:21 BST 2007

David Precious wrote:
> Steve Clark wrote:
>> I know Dave P sings the praises of Wordpress. [...] I suspect it would
>> generally do what I want, but would like some reassurance before I take
>> the plunge.
> If it'd help, I could bung up a "demo" Wordpress install for you to have
> a play with, and see if you like it - it's so simple to install it'd be
> a 5 minute job.  That way you get to put it through its paces and see
> how well you get on with it, without having to replace your current
> system until you're sure!

I may take you up on that. We can discuss some time off-list (IRC or IM).

> Are you planning to whip up a script to import your current posts from
> Pyblosxom into your new blogging system?  (A Google may well turn up
> people who've done this kind of thing before; if not it'd be something
> worth writing and sharing).

I may do that to keep things tidy. I've got nearly 300 entries from the
last 3 years! Somewhere I have a dump from my Postnuke site that I meant
to convert to a web page.

If anyone else has a blog or other site that they would like to share
then you might consider joining our Mugshot group


It's sort of like a social network site, except that you can have all
the content coming from other sources (blog, Myspace, Del.icio.us etc).
There's a few of us on there already, but it looks like some of the blog
feeds are not working properly.

Happy blogging


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