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David Precious davidp at preshweb.co.uk
Tue Sep 25 09:46:35 BST 2007

Steve Clark wrote:
> I know Dave P sings the praises of Wordpress. [...] I suspect it would
> generally do what I want, but would like some reassurance before I take
> the plunge.

If it'd help, I could bung up a "demo" Wordpress install for you to have
a play with, and see if you like it - it's so simple to install it'd be
a 5 minute job.  That way you get to put it through its paces and see
how well you get on with it, without having to replace your current
system until you're sure!

(If anyone else wanted to have a play with Wordpress too that'd be fine,
just give me a shout).

Are you planning to whip up a script to import your current posts from
Pyblosxom into your new blogging system?  (A Google may well turn up
people who've done this kind of thing before; if not it'd be something
worth writing and sharing).

(/me glances at www.wordpress.org... oh yes:
http://codex.wordpress.org/Importing_Content#Blosxom - I'm assmuing that
Pyblosxom uses the same file format, so those scripts might work...)


Dave P

David Precious
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