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Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Sun Sep 30 19:46:46 BST 2007

On Sunday 30 September 2007 14:08:06 Ian Gregory wrote:
> One comment about your site Steve. I used siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com
> to find pages that link to my site. There were over 400 pages but the
> vast majority were all links from pages at Bag of Spoons. That is because
> your "friends" links appear on every page of your site.

That's likely to be an issue with any sort of blog system that keeps a 
constant side-bar of contents, links etc. Wordpress would do the same. 

I get some of the same problem with links to my site. I'd not played with the 
Yahoo tool before, but it's interesting to see what's linking to me.

> This is not a major problem or anything. It seems I could download the
> list of links from Yahoo! and then sort/process them myself. I am
> just pointing out one of the implications of your site design that
> you may not have thought about:-)

I think this may be more an issue for Yahoo to resolve. Maybe they could allow 
for certain domains to be filtered out.

> There is a similar "problem" that has arisen since adding ICBM
> coordinates to my website. Now when I use Google Webmaster Tools
> to look at pages that link to my site I see many URLs of the form
> http://geourl.org/near?lat=X&long=Y, although in this case they
> are all grouped together in the results so it is easier to ignore
> them.

So it really looks like the search engines need to be more intelligent. Better 
to show a single item for each domain and allow for zooming in for details.

I'm pretty sold on changing to Wordpress. I'm waiting for the owner of my web 
server to find time to set up the database as I don't have rights.

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