[Herts] Really geeky web page

Ian Gregory ianji at zenatode.org.uk
Sun Sep 30 22:10:11 BST 2007

On Sun, Sep 30, 2007 at 03:37:50PM +0100, Steve Clark wrote:
> On Sunday 30 September 2007 14:08:06 Ian Gregory wrote:
> > There is a similar "problem" that has arisen since adding ICBM
> > coordinates to my website. Now when I use Google Webmaster Tools
> > to look at pages that link to my site I see many URLs of the form
> > http://geourl.org/near?lat=X&long=Y, although in this case they
> > are all grouped together in the results so it is easier to ignore
> > them.
> So it really looks like the search engines need to be more
> intelligent. Better to show a single item for each domain
> and allow for zooming in for details.

That would be good. Perhaps the ability to show just domains
which have pages that link to your site, with the ability to
expand each domain to show the actual pages where the links are
and which of your pages they link to.

I tend to use a lot of Google stuff. I only started looking
at Yahoo! info after I tried looking up my domain here:



Ian Gregory

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