[Herts] UPS anyone?

Mike Roberts hertslug at mikerobe.org
Wed Jun 11 23:50:26 BST 2008

I mentioned UPS's early last night and that I had a few small ones if 
anyone was interested. These should be working OK but need a new 
battery fitting to them to get them working. I'll post battery 
details tomorrow.

The UPS are Chloride Desk Power units. They are pretty small, 
physically and power rating wise. 

The units I have are the 500 model. They are about the size of a 
large unix manual. They have a serial port, IEC in, 2 IEC UPS 
protected outputs and 2 IEC unprotected outputs.

For more info check here:-


or http://tinyurl.com/55xta3

Theres a data sheet here:-


or http://tinyurl.com/5blntr

Owners Manual


or http://tinyurl.com/5mve66

If anyone is interested I can bring a few along next month.

Mike 8-{>

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