[Herts] UPS anyone?

Mike Roberts hertslug at mikerobe.org
Thu Jun 12 20:47:14 BST 2008

> With blackouts like I get up here in the wilds of Bedfordshire, I need
> a UPS to prevent data loss whenever the farm goes dark for no apparent
> :
> :
> :
> :
> :
> [no carrier]

He hee :)

> > These should be working OK but need a new battery fitting to them to
> > get them working. I'll post battery details tomorrow.
> @James: Any idea where to get batteries? Cost?

See my other mail
> > The UPS are Chloride Desk Power units. They are pretty small, 
> > physically and power rating wise. 
> > 
> > The units I have are the 500 model. They are about the size of a 
> > large unix manual.
> 1000's of pages then!

Nah ;) More like the size of the manual that was given away last 
night. Not the slimmer one though ;)

> > They have a serial port, IEC in, 2 IEC UPS protected outputs and
> > 2 IEC unprotected outputs.
> > 
> > For more info check here:-
> > 
> > http://www.chloridepower.com/en-gb/UK/Products--Solutions/Technologies/Desk-Power/Overview/
> That would be just about right for my (beige) office workstation.
> I'll look into how supported they are under Linux. The software
> mentioned on their web pages links to 404 pages.

I had a look for more info on linux support as I have some larger 19" 
rack mount chloride models here for myself.

I found these links:-


which mentions this site


which looks most promising but doesn't list chloride devices in the 
supported list.





The trouble is the chloride software is available for linux but has 
to be bought. I did find some stuff on RS232 interfaces but I havent 
had a chance to look at it yet. The NUT site does suggest that it 
might be possible to use generic drivers for some unlisted models of 

> My studio workstation also needs a UPS but is less crucial at the mo.
> I've had my eye on an MGE Pulsar Evolution rackmount unit for years now
> - they stopped making them since being assimilated by APC, but maybe
> I'll find one cheap on eBay, although they have a fan that might be
> too noisy, so perhaps one of these Chloride Power ones might be better
> (total silence is essential in the studio).

In answer to your question in your later mail you are welcome to 2 of 
them. They are fanless so there shouldn't be anything more than 
electrical noise ;0)

> > If anyone is interested I can bring a few along next month.
> I won't be there in July, as I'm teaching in Tring.
> Maybe I could collect it from you before then - whereabouts are you?

You are welcome to collect them. I am in Stevenage mail me off list 
for more details.

Cheers Mike 8-{>

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