[Herts] Moving IRC channel

Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Sun Oct 19 08:42:51 UTC 2008

On Saturday 18 October 2008 22:09:55 David Precious wrote:
> The Herts LUG IRC channel has been very quiet recently.

Really? It's rarely been busy.

> Secondly, when we set up the channel, somebody did suggest that maybe it
> should live on the Freenode[0] network, which is more of a techie
> network than EFNet, which is a general purpose network.

> I'm wondering if we should have our channel there, in the hopes that
> maybe we'll get more people "wander in" and discover our LUG.

> What do you all think?

Makes no difference to me, but anything to encourage more participation is 

I've come to the conclusion that a lot of people are not into on-line 
socialising. Possibly something to do with having a 'life' ;) Personally I 
enjoy chatting with people on-line even when I'm supposed to be doing other 

I posted some thoughts on social networks last night if you are bored




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