[Herts] Great BBC open source radio broadcast and update.

jayybee john at jayybee.com
Mon Jun 8 12:23:17 UTC 2009

To all in the list, have a listen to this great broadcast. It really is
worth a listen for 30 mins....... :


An update on the servers too:
They are 600mhz machines. I will post pics and full specs soon. I also
forgot to mention I have a 19" 10 bay hard drive server extension with
hard drives included too, if any one is still interested.

I will not be around for the next meeting, but if anyone wants the
hardware your welcome to come and pick it up from me or I will bring it
next month as long as I know I can offload them (They are very heavy)....

Cheers all.
(Listen to the broadcast)!

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