[Herts] Meeting Equipment Improvements?

nicolas nicolas at jetblackjelly.com
Sun Mar 1 15:38:49 UTC 2009


Network cables: I have the donated network cabling kit and will bring it
along to the next meeting. We can have a demo! I am sure a have a couple
of spare ones as well including a longer one they could use in the

Network connections: Unfortunately I think there may be a problem with
the actual socket. Perhaps we need to discreetly take a look. Good idea
to label the kit. 

Power: Looks like it is sorted. But we can buy some 4 ways if needed.

Box for bits: Good idea but we will need to check they have the space.
The bin has survived for a long time, just wedged in a corner! But,
perhaps it is time for an upgrade.

Spares: Keyboards and mice would be a great idea. Let me know if we need
any more! I certainly have some spare. 

Wireless: Have there been problems connecting some devices to our
current AP?   


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