[Herts] Meeting Equipment Improvements?

David Honour thegoatee at tiscali.co.uk
Sun Mar 8 19:17:21 UTC 2009

I have lined up a projector for weds.

I am going to attempt my demo again, not too hopeful. Experience has
seen to that. It'd be pretty short anyway, maybe 10 mins.

Anyone have anything they thought a projector would be good for that
can be done this month?


On Mon, 16 Feb 2009 08:38:30 -0000
"ROBERTS, Mike" <mike.roberts at astrium.eads.net> wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> I was wondering on a few things that came to light, or I have been
> thinking about for a while, after last weeks meeting. They are, in no
> particular order :-
> * The smoothwall firewall / dhcp server:  How does it get turned off
> at the end of the evening? Does someone log into it and shut it down
> cleanly or does it just get turned off?
> * The networking "kit": On a couple of occasions finding the HertsLUG
> kit for the meetings, in the office, has proved a bit tricky. Mostly,
> I suspect, because it is kept in a black bin bag which seems to get
> stuffed in a different place each time or gets moved as people may not
> realise what it is. How long will it be before someone accidentally
> throws the whole lot away?
> * Network cables: We could do with some new ones. At least one is duff
> which leads to 10 minutes of head scratching each month as we try to
> figure out why the interweb doesn't work. The cable from the office
> router to the smoothwall  appears to be too short so obstructs the
> chair / desk if someone is trying to work at it.
> * Power: There aren't enough extension leads and we need a dedicated
> one for the smoothwall as the socket it uses has now been taken to be
> used by some additional kit in the office I think.
> I would like to offer the following suggestions / solutions:-
> * I will donate a "Really Useful Box" # to put all the networking kit
> in. It can be labelled up and will, IMHO ;),  be a better thing to put
> the meeting kit in than a bin bag.
> * Next meeting I'll take away all the kit check / test the network
> cables, get the extension leads PAT tested, mount the Wireless access
> point and hub and an extension block on a "lump of wood" (TM) so that
> they can be set up and just lifted out of the box and plugged in for
> each meeting.
> * I have already bought a couple more 6 way extension leads so we have
> more sockets. + get one for the smooth wall in the office and
> possibly a longer one so that we can get power to the second row of
> tables in the middle of the room.
> * Label the WAP with it's details so it is easy for first time
> visitors to find out what they are.
> * It might be an idea to keep a spare keyboard and mouse in the box
> "just in case"? (or two? PS/2 and USB of each?) I am sure we can find
> a few tucked away in our stacks of redundant kit ;o)
> * Get some new network cables: one long enough to safely reach the
> office router without getting in anyone's way (Label it up so people
> in the office don't pull it out); several 1 to 5 m network cables (5
> ports on the hub?) so we have known good cables.
> What do you think? Worth doing? Anyone got any other suggestions on
> how to make things quicker and easier to set up?
> Cheers Mike 8-{>
> # For those familiar with "really useful boxes" they now make a more
> rugged box in either white or black (recycled plastic) both of which
> are opaque so you cant see what is inside.
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