[Herts] Microblogging

Lance Haig lhaig at haigmail.com
Thu Mar 12 13:04:07 UTC 2009

Hi Mike,

Suse have brought out a new service that you can create your own distro
from scratch through a web browser.

This should fit your bill if you want low hassle style ways.

I use rpath http://www.rpath.org to create jeos type systems which is a bit
more tricky to do.

just thought I would throw that out here :-)


> What I *really* want to know how to do is to strip a distribution down
> in to an image that has the bare minimum to run X and little else so
> that I can run a really skinny client to speed boot time,reduce
> bandwidth and reduce the memory footprint on the client. Any pointers on
> how to shrink Redhat distributions to DSL / Knoppix proportions
> greatfully recieved. Most of the "make your own iso/distribution" tools
> I have seen advertised seem to be Debian based.
>> Unfortunately there was not time to look into the issues I'm having
>> with my PC. I did a fresh install of Kubuntu 8.10 recently, but kept
>> the home folders I'd been using on 8.04 that have config files dating
>> back a few versions before that. The main issues I have are with my
>> nvidia graphics not starting up at the resolution I want and generally
>> behaving oddly, and with losing sound sometimes when a second user
>> logs in. I'll keep investigating, but any suggestions are welcome.

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