[Herts] Linux Audio demo

Malcolm Smith lists at thesmith.org.uk
Sun Aug 22 21:53:00 UTC 2010

On a roll after last month's GRUB2+Sidux demo, I'd like to invite
people interested in Linux Audio to a demo at my home studio.

This is something I've been planning for ages, but the place has
never been in a together enough state to do it until now.

I no longer live in Herts, and now reside in the wilds of
Bedfordshire near Clophill, so it may be a fair trek for some of
you. Ideally share transport, and pick each other up en route.

Please reply to me *OFFLIST* to arrange an ideal day and time.

If I don't know you personally, then please give a brief
description of your musical interests and use of audio gear/
software. This will not be a talk about how to get sound
working on YouTube videos, but an in-depth exploration of the
use of solely Free Software to make professional recordings.
We'll be looking at Ardour, Hydrogen, JAMin, Rosegarden et al.
I don't pretend to know all the answers or even have a complete
knowledge of the above, but setting myself a goal should inspire
me. I have to accept that even with the best will in the world to
Read all The Fine Manuals of the various software packages I yearn
to have deeper knowledge of, in reality, the only thing that makes
me get down and do it is deadlines, so nothing like putting it on
record on a public mailing list ;)

Hopefully we'll put some tracks together and mix something up but
I won't promise any Number One hits to grace the list just yet -
let's be happy with playing with the tools and if anything good
happens, then all the better. Yes, you can bring instruments but
I have no amp for guitars (nor guitars!) so bring your own tone.

Since I'm currently on school holidays, I can make it daytime or
evening, and most nights except Tuesday nights. Obviously I
realise many of you work daytimes, so I expect an evening is best.
David can't make this coming week, so the first possible day is
Wednesday 1st September. I might be away Friday 3rd-Sunday 5th
and then school term begins on 6th, so I may have more daytime
commitments (tbc). Sept 11th+12th is probably out for me too,
and Sundays 19th+26th. I think David returns to Uni fairly soon
(when is it again, David?) so it'll have to be before that.

Please respond with your complete expected availability for
September (apart from the above dates), and I'll hopefully try
and find a day we can all make. My studio isn't large but I've
cleared some space and we can have standing room at the back if
we end up getting inundated with people, and take turns to crank
it up and enjoy the engineer's sweet spot. But I doubt there are
too many audio geeks on this list.

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