[Herts] Twitter info?

Mike - XP Computers mike at xpcomputers.co.uk
Fri Feb 26 12:01:06 UTC 2010

Don't worry I think personas is the right word, and don't have a problem
with people having more than one of them. I was just being deliberately
mischievous... and was a poor attempt at humour! Sorry!

I think it is fine to keep separate personas in the online world, since we
do in our offline world too. I would say different things to work
colleagues, than to family, or to close friends, or to prospective clients,
or to vague acquaintances! It is not that we are pretending to be different,
or lying about who we are, we are just being selective about what we reveal
to whom.

If we try to keep just one online persona, then we either run to the lowest
common denominator, or alternatively we reveal too much about ourselves to
the whole world. Lowest common denominator has a lot going for it, and is
probably a much safer route, but might limit our online interactions. Most
of us counter this by having multiple personas where we can have different
levels of trust and revelation.

Of course it can be as simple as using different platforms too, so I have my
Facebook account, my various email accounts, skype, msn, google wave. I use
them all differently and the target audience is different too, as are the
permissions and privacy settings on the various accounts.

Apologies again if my attempt at humour was off the mark...


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On Thursday 25 Feb 2010 23:36:54 Mike - XP Computers wrote:
> >You can find links to most of my on-line personas at
> >
> >http://bagofspoons.net/
> >
> >Steve
> In the past, admitting to having multiple "personas" like that, was
> sectionable, for the protection of others! ;)
> These days it is quite normal it seems... how things change!

Maybe personas was the wrong word. It's no different to me at work, me at 
home, me at LUG... Different situations with different groups of people.

I don't dabble in things like Second Life where people really can pretend to

be someone/thing else.
> Mike
> Ps.. do your "multiple personas" ever talk to each other?  ....I think
> you'll find this white jacket nice and snug & cosy!  ;)

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