[Herts] Twitter info?

Steve Clark steve at bagofspoons.net
Fri Feb 26 16:04:39 UTC 2010

On Friday 26 Feb 2010 12:00:53 Mike - XP Computers wrote:
> Don't worry I think personas is the right word, and don't have a problem
> with people having more than one of them. I was just being deliberately
> mischievous... and was a poor attempt at humour! Sorry!

I wasn't taking your remarks too seriously ;)
> I think it is fine to keep separate personas in the online world, since we
> do in our offline world too. I would say different things to work
> colleagues, than to family, or to close friends, or to prospective clients,
> or to vague acquaintances! It is not that we are pretending to be
>  different, or lying about who we are, we are just being selective about
>  what we reveal to whom.

I don't mind having my 'personas' linked, but others may prefer to be more 
anonymous for whatever reasons. I keep it open on the chance that people may 
find we have common interests, e.g. someone from a tech site may also be a 

I need to write down my thoughts on the whole social thing. It's a whole new 
world for us all and the benefits/dangers are not all clear yet. My kids are 
going to live in an on-line world and so I want to try and keep up.

> If we try to keep just one online persona, then we either run to the lowest
> common denominator, or alternatively we reveal too much about ourselves to
> the whole world. Lowest common denominator has a lot going for it, and is
> probably a much safer route, but might limit our online interactions. Most
> of us counter this by having multiple personas where we can have different
> levels of trust and revelation.
> Of course it can be as simple as using different platforms too, so I have
>  my Facebook account, my various email accounts, skype, msn, google wave. I
>  use them all differently and the target audience is different too, as are
>  the permissions and privacy settings on the various accounts.
> Apologies again if my attempt at humour was off the mark...

Not at all. We can't be serious all the time.
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> On Thursday 25 Feb 2010 23:36:54 Mike - XP Computers wrote:
> > >You can find links to most of my on-line personas at
> > >
> > >http://bagofspoons.net/
> > >
> > >Steve
> >
> > In the past, admitting to having multiple "personas" like that, was
> > sectionable, for the protection of others! ;)
> >
> > These days it is quite normal it seems... how things change!
> Maybe personas was the wrong word. It's no different to me at work, me at
> home, me at LUG... Different situations with different groups of people.
> I don't dabble in things like Second Life where people really can pretend
>  to
> be someone/thing else.
> > Mike
> >
> > Ps.. do your "multiple personas" ever talk to each other?  ....I think
> > you'll find this white jacket nice and snug & cosy!  ;)

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