[Herts] Nokia N900 - Open Linux Phone

Stephen Dicks hertslug at starswan.com
Thu Jan 7 17:55:17 UTC 2010

Mike - XP Computers wrote:
> Has anyone got the Nokia N900 phone yet, or anyone have any opinions on it?
I've owned a N810 for about a year - great little device, pairs well 
with my bluetooth phone. Not really done that much hacking with it - 
this of course might change if I had a N900 as it can run Qt. (N810 uses 
a specialist widget set called hildon). GPS takes the battery time down 
a lot - from around 6 hours to more like 1.5-2 which is annoying. I 
thought I might use it as an open SatNav type device, but decent 
hardware for car mounting appears a bit lacking.
> I am thinking of getting it as my next upgrade as soon as it comes to my
> network...
The screen is apparently slightly smaller than the N810, which was seen 
as a bad move by some people.
> For those who have not heard of it, the Nokia N900 comes from their Linux
> based, Internet Tablet range, running Maemo5 OS. This is the first one to
> feature a built in 3G phone. Nokia are selling it as more of a mini computer
> than a phone. Key features are the best browser experience of any "phone".
> Fully open phone, even with shell access. Fast growing repository of
> dedicated Maemo5 apps (and access to Debian apt-get packages too (although
> not all will work without some work)). Very active developer community.
Should be even more developers with Maemo5 running Qt.
> Program in Python directly on the phone. Full keyboard landscape slider
> phone, with large 800 x 480 pixel screen, GPS & Wifi.
> Opinion seems to suggest that Maemo is less "polished" and "slick" than
> other Linux based phone OSes (like Android & Palm WebOS), but much more
> Open, Flexible & Powerful.
The device I have doesn't feel like a phone at all - it's branded an 
'Internet Tablet' which makes it great for pocket (and in bed) casual 
email and web access.
> I am very interested... 
> Mike
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