[Herts] Nokia N900 - Open Linux Phone

Mike Roberts hertslug at mikerobe.org
Sun Jan 10 02:01:03 UTC 2010

Mike - XP Computers wrote:
> Has anyone got the Nokia N900 phone yet, or anyone have any opinions on it?
> I am thinking of getting it as my next upgrade as soon as it comes to my
> network...

No but I too am seriously looking at getting one once they become more

> For those who have not heard of it, the Nokia N900 comes from their Linux
> based, Internet Tablet range, running Maemo5 OS. This is the first one to
> feature a built in 3G phone. Nokia are selling it as more of a mini computer
> than a phone. Key features are the best browser experience of any "phone".
> Fully open phone, even with shell access. Fast growing repository of
> dedicated Maemo5 apps (and access to Debian apt-get packages too (although
> not all will work without some work)). Very active developer community.
> Program in Python directly on the phone. Full keyboard landscape slider
> phone, with large 800 x 480 pixel screen, GPS & Wifi.

The phone runs Maemo 5 but will, apparently , be the only one that does.
The next iteration will run 6. It doesnt come with Qt which many thought
it would it would seem. But I think it can be installed later..

I am after something to replace my ageing Sony Clie and I need a new
phone and I kind of dont want an iPhone and am not sure about Google's
increasing big brotherness and Android. O this looks really interesting.

Reviews seem hard to come by. This months Linux Format has an overview
of Maemo5 and a very brief look at the phone. El Reg has a Review

I believe the Linux Outlaws mention it in their podcast :-
One of the two protagonists apparently gets one sent to him. Review is
1:11:09 mins in.

Carphone warehouse have them for various deals


Only on Vodaphone. Went to the Vodaphone shop and they said they wont
have them 'til mid Jan due to some unspecified issue.

Sim Free from Expansys for just shy of 500 smackers


Cheers Mike 8-{>

Postscript to this ... having failed to get this to the list
yesterday... I ordered one from Expansys today. Just need it to arrive
and to sort out a SIM for it :)

PPS Both Sorted.. it is very shiney...

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