[Herts] Joggler - UNR update

Mike Roberts hertslug at mikerobe.org
Sat Jun 12 23:41:29 UTC 2010

After Thursday I felt compelled to get my arse in gear and get mine sorted.

I tried this version of Ubuntu Netbook Remix

Joggler Ubuntu Netboot Remix Edition 9.10 v1.3a Image


a lot easier to install and apparently addresses many of the bugs / 
features of the more complex earlier version. it is a ready to go .bin 
which can be dd'd across to a memory stick in one hit. Sound works, 
network works, it runs fast, has adobe flash installed (although only 
works for chrome,) has all the disk settings sorted, cellwriter(onscreen 
keyboard) and touchscreen. Also it is supposed to handle accidental 
unplugging or loss of power shutdowns without corrupting the usb flash.

Got it going on mine and it looks very nice :)

Also looking at getting a 1.8" ipod microdrive and various connectors to 
try and attach something to the pata port inside. Will also look at the 
replacement of the plastic heatsink (yes I do mean plastic!)inside with 
something a little more thermally conductive .

Mike 8-{>

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