[Herts] Anyone make use of a Cisco ADSL router ?

Andrew Benham adsb at adsb.co.uk
Sun Jun 20 12:01:07 UTC 2010

Apologies up front if this is against the rules of the list.

I have an 'as new' Cisco 837 ADSL router to give away - seems a
shame to take it to the dump.

Described to me as a real professional piece of kit, and I'm
sure it is - if you know Cisco IOS well enough to make use of
all its features.

On the minus side, it is ADSL1 only (so won't do more than 8Mb/s),
and there's no wireless access point.  And you need to know Cisco
IOS to configure it.  I've had it working on Be, but it's a bit
too complicated for me.

Andrew Benham         adsb at adsb.co.uk
Southgate, London N14, United Kingdom

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