[Herts] LUG member questionaire

Neil Youngman ny at youngman.org.uk
Wed Mar 31 20:55:31 UTC 2010

On Wednesday 31 March 2010 19:44:41 Steve Clark wrote:
> On the drive home today I was pondering putting together a little
> questionaire so we can get to know a bit more about the membership. Here's
> some thoughts on possible questions. I'll provide my answers later
> 1. Who are you? Give as much/little info about yourself as you like

I'm a computer programmer with 2 computer science degrees and over 20 years 
professional experience.

> 2. What's you general computer experience? When did you start using them?

My first computer experience was in a school general studies class, around 
1979/1980. We had some access to a mainframe, which we programmed in Fortran 
using punch cards. I enjoyed programming and went on to take a computer 
science degree and become a professional programmer, mainly using Unix/Linux, 
but with spells programming Vaxes, Transputers and an early Mac.

> 3. When/why did you start using Linux?

I was recruited to Video Networks in October 1996 to program video on demand 
servers and related tools on DEC OSF/1 and Slackware Linux.

> 4. Is Linux your main OS?


> 5. What distro/desktop do you use?

Debian (stable).

> 6. Do you still need to use another OS? Do you use dual boot, virtual PC,
> Wine?

I have access to a Windows laptop for work purposes. I don't use it enough to 
feel the need to install Linux yet. I will probably install Ubuntu and 
Crossover Office, but only after it's next upgraded.

> 7. Do you play games? What OS/console?


> 8. Do you write software?


> 9. Do you hack hardware?


> 10. Profit! Sorry, I meant, anything else you'd like to say?

I have written a small number of articles for the Linux Gazette 
(http://linuxgazette.net/authors/youngman.html) and contributed a small 
number of patches to several open source projects.

Neil Youngman

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