[Herts] LUG member questionaire

local.linux local.linux at jumpstation.co.uk
Wed Mar 31 20:12:32 UTC 2010

> 1. Who are you? Give as much/little info about yourself as you like
34 (very soon 35)
kids x2
cats x2
phone Android
> 2. What's you general computer experience? When did you start using them?
My Dad had a BBC and due to a lack of content I started creating my own, this 
went over to the Amiga and finally the PC.
> 3. When/why did you start using Linux?
1999 - Debian with enlightenment
> 4. Is Linux your main OS?
> 5. What distro/desktop do you use?
> 6. Do you still need to use another OS? Do you use dual boot, virtual PC,
> Wine?
My wife has a winxp machine and everywhere I end up working use windows.
> 7. Do you play games? What OS/console?
Yes though less and less, Wii and DS for the 'pick up and play' mentality.
> 8. Do you write software?
> 9. Do you hack hardware?
> 10. Profit! Sorry, I meant, anything else you'd like to say?
As well as writing software I enjoy other computer related creative arts such 
as 3D graphics with blender.

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