Dylan Smith dyls at dylansmith.co.im
Tue Dec 3 12:50:00 2002

> Hi, Just a short message from the west of the Island, I have been
> using linux off and on for over three years now, RH Mandrake and Suse.
> I am having major problems setting up mandrake 9 to use adsl with dear
> old manx net. If anyone has any constructive hints tips etc please
> feel free to email me

What's your problem? Drivers or connecting? Do you have the Alcatel
SpeedTouch USB modem (the Stingray one). I don't use Mandrake (currently,
I've got RH 7.3 installed on the target machine) but if you've got the
Stingray I don't think it's going to matter much anyway as you'll need to
build the kernel module and get all the other bits.

If you've got the Stingray modem, there is a howto out there for it.
Since it's one of these odd non-standard USB devices (why oh why can't
the manufacturers use ACM for USB modems!?) you do need to build a kernel
module for it, as well as get Alcatel's speedmgmt program from Alcatel. I
don't have the URL to hand so you'll have to Google for it (enter "Linux
Alcatel SpeedTouch DSL" and you'll find the HOWTO)

I'm currently in the process of doing this (and upgrading to the 2.4.20
kernel) - once I get a bit of time I'll tell you what I did to make
it work :-)

I've been 'doing Linux' since kernel version 0.12 in January 1992. It's
come along a bit since then :-)