[IOML] [Fwd: Raising Linux awareness]

Plilip Webster PhilWebster at manx.net
Tue Jul 29 21:19:01 2003

There are too many vested interests to keep M$ where it is. Most do not want 
to see change as it effects their revenue stream. Proprietary software pays, 
Open Source is seen as detracting from their revenue.

Hardware manufacturers like the 2-3 year harware/software cycle.

Local computer companies/consultants like the regular stream from this cycle.

Company IT personnel know only M$ and are probably afraid of rocking the boat 
or advising on which they are unfamiliar with. They might loose their job if 
there is change.

Managers/Directors of companies dont know any better and wont risk going in a 
direction which they perceive as being risky. They accept and rationalise IT 

The way to break this cycle is awareness from the grass roots, perhaps. At 
this juncture it is virtually impossible for Joe Bloggs to find out anything 
about Open Source Software or Linux. Go down Tottenham Court Road and you will 
see 99% M$, 1% Apple Mac. Most information is rumour and heresay. I have 
noted in recent months a sea change in computer mags towards Open Source and 

I recall in 1998 that the internet was dismissed by most non-computer 
companies as being a techy thing, not for non-IT outfits and of course very 
insecure. Why use email when you had the telephone and fax.....

I suppose the latest excuse not to go outside M$ is the SCO debacle (perhaps 
in reality a share "pump & dump" scam) 

My suggestion is to generate knowledge and awareness for ordinary computer 
users which will filter upwards. Have an Open Source/Linux open day. Get a 
venue, put in some machines and run some code. Perhaps nobody will turn up. 
Perhaps the "wrong" kind of people will turn up. Who knows.