[IOML] Beer hike?

Chris Bryden c.bryden at virgin.net
Thu Jul 31 17:46:00 2003

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>Just after writing that last message, and metioning Bushy's beer, you may
>have seen on Slashdot et al. that there seems to be a more or less annual
>Linux Beer Hike organized, usually by the local LUG. Last year it was in
>Ireland, this year it's somewhere on the continent I think. Just an excuse
>to get into the open air, do some hiking, drink beer, and talk about one
>of our favourite subjects.
>Perhaps we ought to try and get one hosted here....

Top idea, good to get some exercise and see the sun at least once a year 
-  Up North Barrule from the bungalow is a good one, great views from the 
top, not excessively taxing and you get to walk down the other side for 
multiple beers in Ramsey...


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