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Thu Jul 31 17:47:01 2003

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At 00:19 30/07/2003, you wrote:

>On Tue, 29 Jul 2003, Chris Bryden wrote:
> > One of the things that puts people off too, IMHO, is the evangelical
> > anti-MS line taken by many OSS folks.
>I agree. Religion never helps anyone anywhere, it's just a big turnoff.
>And, as you say, most OSS is platform agnostic.
> > Change on the desktop is a bit more of a thorny issue due to the resistance
> > to change of non-technical staff - often to be found desperately clinging
>Resistance to change is always a very big issue. But it can be overcome if
>it's done right - and of course, that's the hard bit :-) Being primarily
>the author of bespoke software (such as the United States postal service's
>counter system) I know *all* about resistance to change <g>. Beleive it or
>not, we had to make that system look purely like a cash register or the
>union would have insisted that all the counter staff be reclassed as
>"computer operators" and paid a great deal more...


> > I'm up for that, been moving house, and now perilously close to the
> > Woodbourne if anyone fancies it. Haven't tried yet, but with a bit of
> > effort could probably get a signal up there.
>Don't talk to me about moving house!
> > Only things I play with any regularity are Quazatron on the Speccy and
> > ELITE on the Amiga
>Ah. Another Elite fan :-)

>I'm not quite in the state for hosting a LAN party yet, I've now got
>carpets, the phone gets switched on on Friday, but I lack things like
>doors and an operable kitchen (pizza needs to be heated somehow). But it
>won't be long and I do have a ridiculous number of RJ-45 jacks around the
>house (I went for the flood wiring option, and have 26 jacks...OK, perhaps
>I am a geek after all).

geek? - Never underestimate the power of denial. 

Sounds lush. A m8 of mine is just about to wire a new place up, for network 
and AV, what do you recommend?

We've just moved into an old townhouse, so we're on the 802.11b as laying 
any cables is a bit of a major hassle...

>Best of all, the Bay at Port Erin is within staggering distance and they
>have fabulous Bushy's beer.

This just keeps getting better!


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