[IOML] What's everyone up to this weekend?

Chris Bryden c.bryden at virgin.net
Tue Apr 6 23:45:18 BST 2004

At 23:25 06/04/2004, you wrote:

>On Tue, 6 Apr 2004, Chris Bryden wrote:
> > * mind you, if you combine hosting with offshore company formation and
> > business relocation management then there's money in it for tax reasons
>If there's a requirement to physically host the machine in the island,
>you're in for a shock if you've not priced up co-lo/dedicated hosting
>here. It is incredibly expensive, not just maybe twice as expensive as
>elsewhere but a whole order of magnitude more expensive. Unfortunately,
>that really puts a damper on the idea of internet business diversifying
>the IOM's economy.

A far as I read it there is a lawful requirement for the machine that takes 
the payments and the company itself to be located here to get the tax 
breaks (but I could be wrong, advice pending), I looked into hosting on the 
IOM for my last project back in 2001, the quote that I got was for £1500pa 
to put a 1U linux server in MT's web park, I have no idea what it is now, 
not out of the ball-park but still pretty darn expensive. - That's why we 
hosted in the UK - Should look at the cost of getting the highest bandwith 
pipe to our own facility and hosting there? Fuck, I'll do up the back sheds 
and put a few racks in if I need to ;-)

The government claim to be pretty serious about their e-commerce, which I'd 
like to find out about -  we're a few local lads that want to set something 
up, for our own benefit, but also to keep some local talent here rather 
than having to move to the UK or further afield...

Anyway, this seems to warrant further discussion over a beer or two, what 
do you do for a living at the mo, if you don't mind me asking?


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