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Dylan Smith dyls at alioth.net
Wed Apr 7 08:24:23 BST 2004

On Tue, 6 Apr 2004, Chris Bryden wrote:
> breaks (but I could be wrong, advice pending), I looked into hosting on the
> IOM for my last project back in 2001, the quote that I got was for £1500pa
> to put a 1U linux server in MT's web park, I have no idea what it is now,

Last time I looked, a dedicated server was around 3600pa with only 10gbit
transfer per month. I can get five servers with 700gbit/month *each* with
my old ISP in Houston for that much. Hosting here is so uncompetitive it's
not even funny, and for an Internet-based company, any serious internet
presence wipes out any benefits that the tax breaks may have given you.

This just has to be addressed before the IOM can diversify and get
non-finance Internet business.

> not out of the ball-park but still pretty darn expensive. - That's why we
> hosted in the UK - Should look at the cost of getting the highest bandwith
> pipe to our own facility and hosting there? Fuck, I'll do up the back sheds
> and put a few racks in if I need to ;-)

If the cost of hosting made your eyes water, the cost of a 2Mbit
bidirection pipe from MT will make your wossnames turn! Think around
25K/year for 2Mbit, reducing by around 30% or so with a 3 year contract.
We were looking at a line of business that used the internet as a transfer
medium, but it's simply not possible to make a profit with bandwidth
costing that much (put it this way, it'd be cheaper for us to put a 2Mbit
leased line in direct to each customer, since those are actually
reasonably priced). Or possibly buy 4 ADSL lines and load balance between
It's almost as if MT doesn't understand the concept of packet switching.

Having said that, things may get better since competition is now afoot.

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