[IOML] What's everyone up to this weekend?

Chris Bryden c.bryden at virgin.net
Tue Apr 6 22:54:35 BST 2004

At 22:36 06/04/2004, you wrote:

>On Tue, 6 Apr 2004, Chris Bryden wrote:
> > plenty of ports in the switch if you bring your own patch cable. Bring your
> > own games/smart stuff to show off - we're currently addicted to the
> > non-open-source Worms 3D at the moment, and we *need* help...
>Well, non-entirely OSS, but if you're into FPS at all, Return To Castle
>Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory runs GREAT on Linux, as does the Quakes,
>Unreal Tourney. (I'm currently suffering a debilitating addiction of
>RTCW:ET. (I'm a covert ops!)). Sadly, I have nothing really portable
>enough (but if an all-nighter lan party is in the offing, I'd consider
>carting a machine along, we used to do that when I lived in Houston. My
>apartment didn't have Manx Three Foot Thick Stone Walls, rather, they had
>stud walls between apartments with very little soundproofing. I dunno what
>the neighbours thought when four chainguns were going at high volume
> > Also on show are my latest experiments with dangerously high voltages
> > derived from old microwave and tv power supplies...
>Hrm. Any desire to try and make a homebrew laser?


I can give you a sofa if you fancy staying over! and yes, I'd love to get 
some homebrew lasers going, I trust you're familiar with 
http://www.electricstuff.co.uk,  need to make some cash to feed the family 
first, then procure some dangerous ex-medical CO2 lasers - these decisions 
are tough!

> > Java SQL-Webapp toolkit that I've built up over the last five years, in
> > combination with managed Linux/Apache/Tomcat/PHP hosting and I need all the
> > input I can get...
>There's really bugger all money in hosting unless you can sell a lot of
>it, or can sell it in conjunction with something else. Or perhaps I'm just
>crap at selling!

yeah, I agree, the hosting is really a value added extra*, I have a wedge 
load of code here to build image galleries, web based data entry and 
content management systems pretty much without writing another line of code 
that has been maturing for a while, and I'm wondering where to go next with 
it. I've worked in timeshare for hte last couple of years, so I learned a 
fair bit about selling <g>

* mind you, if you combine hosting with offshore company formation and 
business relocation management then there's money in it for tax reasons, 
which is something I'm looking at. This seems to be Synapse's drive, with 
heavy emphasis on security... ( and they're an MS shop as far as I know, 
there must be something of a selling point for linux/Apache here - 60 odd 
percent of the internet can't be wrong! ) Trying to get a meeting at the 
moment with someone in the DTI to see where oss fits in with the Island's 
e-commerce strategy...

>But I think we do need another beer^W LUG meet

Definitely, come over this weekend if you're free...


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