[IOML] What's everyone up to this weekend?

Dylan Smith dyls at alioth.net
Tue Apr 6 22:36:15 BST 2004

On Tue, 6 Apr 2004, Chris Bryden wrote:

> plenty of ports in the switch if you bring your own patch cable. Bring your
> own games/smart stuff to show off - we're currently addicted to the
> non-open-source Worms 3D at the moment, and we *need* help...

Well, non-entirely OSS, but if you're into FPS at all, Return To Castle
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory runs GREAT on Linux, as does the Quakes,
Unreal Tourney. (I'm currently suffering a debilitating addiction of
RTCW:ET. (I'm a covert ops!)). Sadly, I have nothing really portable
enough (but if an all-nighter lan party is in the offing, I'd consider
carting a machine along, we used to do that when I lived in Houston. My
apartment didn't have Manx Three Foot Thick Stone Walls, rather, they had
stud walls between apartments with very little soundproofing. I dunno what
the neighbours thought when four chainguns were going at high volume

> Also on show are my latest experiments with dangerously high voltages
> derived from old microwave and tv power supplies...

Hrm. Any desire to try and make a homebrew laser?

> Java SQL-Webapp toolkit that I've built up over the last five years, in
> combination with managed Linux/Apache/Tomcat/PHP hosting and I need all the
> input I can get...

There's really bugger all money in hosting unless you can sell a lot of
it, or can sell it in conjunction with something else. Or perhaps I'm just
crap at selling!

But I think we do need another beer^W LUG meet.

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