[IOML] What's everyone up to this weekend?

Dylan Smith dyls at alioth.net
Wed Apr 7 18:13:21 BST 2004

On Wed, 7 Apr 2004, Simon Slaytor wrote:

> Hello Chaps,
> Dylan don't hold you breath on that one, it's expensive and I think it's
> going to remain that way. Think two grand per 64k of bandwidth!

I'm not holding my breath, I would have gone blue by now if I was :-) I
was talking to someone at MT, and if their coroporate culture is like this
guy was seeming to infer by his arguments, the (1) don't get the idea of
packet switching and (2) don't get the idea that the IOM's 78K residents
isn't the whole market - the rest of the world is also potential

The most Dilbertesque part of that conversation was when I was told that
MT doesn't use BT for bandwidth because BT were too expensive.
But..but..but MT are owned by O2 who are owned by BT. So BT is competing
with itself!

I also like the way MT advertises itself as being cheaper than everyone
else - by doing things like having 7p/min calls to the States. What
percentage of their call revenue is calls to the US? A fraction of 1%?
Great marketing idea - price a bunch of services hardly anyone uses really
low, and use them as examples of how MT are cheaper than the usual
suspects across.
Actually, I must admit I do like the 7p/min US calls - Houston's pretty
much my second home. However, most people in the IOM don't have anyone to
call in the US.

> Can either of you hold up or dissprove the rumors that the Russian Mafia
> have whiped an MT hosted gaming site of the web for the last few weeks!

I heard some vague things about that, but nothing particularly conclusive.

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