[IOML] Life in the Isle of Man LUG?

John Mylchreest johnm at gentoo.org
Wed Jan 28 17:18:34 GMT 2004

On Tue, 2004-01-27 at 21:38, Dylan Smith wrote:
> Hi all,
> Long time since there's been any messages...I do note there's quite a bit
> of recent Linux interest on the manx.net forums though, so I guess I'm not
> the only Linux user left here :-)

Ah theres still plenty of people subscribed, just think the cats got
their tongue! its been awfully quiet as of the past few months.

> So for the first message of 2004, some fun things I've done with Linux in
> 2003...

> 3. Games. I'm far too addicted to RTCW:ET which runs great under Linux. I
> had a dream about disarming landmines the other night.

I loved this game for ages too, theres a load of other promising games
due or released as well for linux. which is very cool, doom3 and savage
being the 2 biggest.

> 4. Living with OpenBSD. I've also tried the BSD world. I've found that
> OpenBSD makes a fine border security system. OpenBSD's documentation is
> something that Linux should try and live up to - I could understand pf and
> pf.conf by reading the manpage and I didn't have to dive for HOWTOs or
> Google Groups to try and figure out what to do.
> With that said, I think we really are due another IOMLUG beerfest^W meet
> soon

Definately overdue  :)
anyone prepared to set a date/place?

John Mylchreest

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