[IOML] Life in the Isle of Man LUG?

Dylan Smith dyls at alioth.net
Wed Jan 28 09:00:30 GMT 2004

On Wed, 28 Jan 2004, Daniel Ankers wrote:

> I've switched back to *mumbles the name of an OS*

Mac OSX? :-) Don't worry, it's Unixy underneath [0]

> to feed a new found
> addiction to Medal of Honor.  I'll switch back to a proper OS soon though.

Since installing RH8 some time last year, I decided to take a 'hard line'
and only boot Windows only if absolutely unavoidable - a "dogfooding"
exercise so to speak to see how good RH8 really is on the desktop. The
experiment has been successful - I think I boot Windows perhaps for five
minutes every two months. I do my accounts with GnuCash, use OpenOffice
for all my invoices/letters, play RTCW:ET and Unreal Tournament, do
document scanning with xsane, play mp3s, play videos with the excellent
Xine (which understands Redmondian formats like wmv).

Being old school Unix, I still use pine for email :-)

[0] Sigh, I know you probably mean Redmondware!

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