[IOML] Re: IOM Digest, Vol 16, Issue 3

Simon Slaytor sslaytor at iom.com
Sat Jun 12 11:54:22 BST 2004

Hi Dylan,

Thanks for the reply,

> Due to the difference in time on your log entries, I'd hazard a guess 
> that
> pppd is starting wvdial, and wvdial is doing *something* -

The entries in the syslog show cron running my restart script at 4:02, 
they then show me trying to pull the line up later in the day hence the 
time difference. As I say, if I run the script manually all is well. 
I've been scanning through the wvdial source myself as I suspected that 
this could be the problem but have yet to find anything. It's almost as 
if something is breaking wvdials connection to the serial port. I'll 
keep plodding away.

Your right about ADSL it's far less hassle, I use a connexant based PCI 
card in my Linux Server at home to provide NAT'd internet access for my 
home LAN. Using the internal card as opposed to an ADSL router got me 
round some problems I was having with an IPSec tunnel i.e. the 
'Internet' was directly presented onto PPP0 and not via either a nat'd 
LAN connection or PPPoE link.

Now all I need is for the guys who develop iptables/netfilter to 
support 'true' stateful' inspection and I'd be as happy as a pig in 
muck, either that or someone write a driver for the connexant card so 
that I can run it under NetBSD, that way I could use PF and feel really 



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