[IOML] Re: IOM Digest, Vol 16, Issue 3

Dylan Smith dyls at alioth.net
Sat Jun 12 12:44:51 BST 2004

On Sat, 12 Jun 2004, Simon Slaytor wrote:

> Now all I need is for the guys who develop iptables/netfilter to
> support 'true' stateful' inspection and I'd be as happy as a pig in
> muck, either that or someone write a driver for the connexant card so
> that I can run it under NetBSD, that way I could use PF and feel really
> secure.

Probably heresy to mention this on the LUG ML, but there is a *BSD driver
(userspace, I think) for the Alcatel stingray USB modem. It's the same
driver essentially as what is used to run the modem under Linux (I use the
userspace one as it means one less thing to remember after kernel

Personally, I use OpenBSD for my low-cost firewalling - with OpenBSD
you've now got CARP and pfsync which means you can have failover
capabilities by using more than one OpenBSD system. It also supports
pfauth, so you can have different rules for different users (as well as
having authentication in the first place). Probably overkill for most home
setups though, where iptables is usually good enough.

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