[IOML] re: Big News break

Mayra Villanueva finservices at 1000trails.com
Fri Dec 16 04:40:40 GMT 2005

Heads Up Traders!!! The ground is SHAKIN'!!!

News Break on CHNW campaign to market new Software/Service to the world next week!!!

Date: 15 DEC 2005 4:26 EST
Company: Cash Now Corporation
Symbol: CHNW
Price: .13
Volume: 520,627
Status: Buy

Cash Now Corp has just release their new Cambio Express Software to the world
which provides a turnkey operation to enter the lucrative foreign exchange market
as a stand alone business or as an add on to an existing set of services.

But that’s not the big news.....

At end of day today we got the News Break that they are launching their worldwide marketing 
Campaign next week. This will make it available to the world market and push this stock
through the roof.

CHNW has been climbing slowly with small news releases for the last while all the way up
from a $.01 stock. Now it has climbed to $0.13 and today’s volume started rising to over 
a half million shares.

We are telling you know this company is ready to blow. Go to MSN and read up on the new
software/service and then consider how well this company is going to do. This stock is 
brewing traders. 

When you are standing at the base of a volcano and the ground is shakin’ you know what’s gonna happen.

Get on this first thing in the morning before the price rises any more. 'Cause come Monday
the marketing campaign hits the street and it may be to late to buy it at this price.

Traders, get on that train before it leaves the station!

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