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A chance to make sure that the government understand right 
from the start the unintended consequences of a vague 
``technical contribution'' definition on pure software.

Belfast - Monday 4 April 2005 
Bolton - Thursday 17 March 2005 
Bristol - Friday 18 March 2005 
Cardiff - Friday 8 April 2005 
Coventry - Tuesday 15 March 2005 
Glasgow - Tuesday 5 April 2005 
London - Thursday 7 April 2005

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Our nearest on is:
Bolton - Thursday 17 March 2005

You need to register by 18 Feb.

Strangely enough it clashes with the FLOSS in Education
conference, also in Bolton.
Free/Libre and Open Source Software In Education (FLOSSIE)
  17, 18 March 2005
  UK Technology Innovation Centre, Bolton, UK

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>> the postman has just delivered an invitation to:"Computer Implemented
>> Inventions Directive: Workshop on 'technical contribution'.
It has just appeared on news:uk.comp.os.linux with a link to 
http://www.patent.gov.uk/about/ippd/issues/cii-workshops.htm - 7 


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