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Chris Bryden c.bryden at virgin.net
Tue Feb 8 18:54:53 GMT 2005

At 17:53 15/01/2005, Dylan Smith wrote:

>On 15 Jan 2005, at 15:43, Richard Smedley wrote:
>>It's been a good six months since a non-UCE mail went through
>>this list :-(
>>Is anyone here interested in talking about Free Software? :-)
>Well, I did a defenestration on a machine on the last day of last year 
>(removal of Windows) to make an OpenBSD 3.6 server system and a 
>desolification (removal of Solaris) on a sparc64 system moving it to 
>OpenBSD 3.6. I'm probably the only person in the island who has a sparc64 
>machine as a router (using the Manx Telecom provided Alcatel USB speed 
>touch no less - I wonder how many other sparc64 machines have been used 
>with one of them!) That USB ADSL modem is supported under Linux BTW. I 
>think the kernel-mode driver is part of the 2.6 kernel series now. Trouble 
>is most distros are aimed towards PPPoE it seems, but it's not hard to 
>configure it for PPPoA.
>Well, the machine does a bit more than just routing, but it was There 
>waiting to have something done with it.
>Of course this is the Linux user group - but we should also be embracing 
>other Free operating systems - the 'cross pollination' from other open 
>source systems is what makes OSS so strong. I've been increasingly 
>impressed by the quality of OpenBSD for instance as an Internet server 
>system and it works excellently alongside Linux systems. What really 
>shines about OpenBSD is 'pf' (the firewall) which is superb, and gets 
>better with each OpenBSD release.
>How many people on the LUG are running on open source only at home or at 
>work, or just Windows-free? I have no Windows systems at home (but I must 
>admit to some proprietary software - I have an Apple PowerBook and I love 
>OS X - which is *BSD at its core of course. Best laptop I've ever used).
>Has anyone used Xen yet for virtualisation? I'm using User Mode Linux 
>quite extensively...wondering if anyone has tried Xen yet.

Hi All,

A quick question for Dylan, I've got an Ultra 5 here that I'm thinking of 
using as my ADSL router. I have a heavily hacked LRP on an intel box at the 
moment, but it's getting a bit tired now (Kernel 2.2!) . I was just 
wondering if you rolled you own software or used one of the router oriented 
distros that are about, and if so which one...?

I've moved into a smaller office to make room for the kids playroom, so I 
need to get rid of some boxes and slim the network down a bit...

Hope you are all doing well, we should definitely have another p1ss 
up^H^H^H meeting sometime soon, down south is fine for me... I've actually 
been doing some fairly interesting embedded linux stuff at work of late, so 
would enjoy a good chinwag...



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