[IOML] Need people with time ASAP zero

Roderick Gallagher gmatthewmuoh at chemeketa.edu
Thu Oct 13 00:44:57 BST 2005

Dear Sir/Madam! 
If you are looking for a good job then we can defenitely help you! made
One of the biggest Finance Company of East Europe would be glad to  
offer an 
excellent job for you with high salary! You will not need to invest or  
products in order to work with us. 
No money to start?  right
About us: 
Finance Company, Lithuania was founded in 1995 by a team of antiquities 
experts. By now our company has grown from a small company with 7 
employees to an international group with several representative offices  
different countries of the world. Nowadays we are not just selling and 
buying antiques, but are also dealing with organizations of  
international exhibitions, seminars, tours and many other things. 
Our vacancies:Now clients of our company conduct financial operations  
over the world including UK, but due to sufficient perfection  
Banking Service we have some difficulties in translation and 
reorganization of our business, therefore we are planning to open  
in which we require UK. Now we are looking for financial 
assistants who will be responsible to accept payments from our clients.  
this moment we provide and offer work at home, after opening offices in 
New Zeland, you will have an opportunity for  working in our offices as 
well. told
Today we are looking for financial assistants that will be responsible  
accept payments from clients through bank transfer, because of 
imperfection of bank system. UK partners of our clients have  
difficulties with sending bank translations and cheques to East Europe. 
You can make 10 % commission from every transfer you will receive  
relative to our business. The rest needs to be transferred to our 
company's representative by Western Union; all Western Union fees are  
by us. On average you will be making 2,000 US Dollars per week. 
We believe that you can get good future and achievements in our  
If our offer is interesting to you, please feel free in sending a mail  
our HR office. For more information our crew of Human Resources is  
to answer all your questions. loose
If you are ready to start working with us then you need to register on  
personal website  of our company and you will get a personal account  
you will work with . After you done that  and you got an account - we 
start working with you within 24 hours. Go to  

click " REGISTER" 
Best Regards 
Real Job Inworld Comp.most

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