[IoMLUG] Software Freedom Day - Planning - Update & Help Please!

Dan Wood mr.dan.wood at gmail.com
Sun Sep 8 15:58:26 UTC 2013

Thanks for the info. It'd be great having you there on tap to answer
any questions. It seems you have a lot of experience with Free
As for the RasPi, I can supply a USB keyboard and mouse, but I think
my monitor only has VGA inputs. I'll see what else I can scrounge!

It'd be really good to see you there. Linux Format DVDs are I good
idea. I may have a few kicking about too, so thanks for the reminder!
A laptop with Ubuntu installed would be great, so people can see a
(mostly!) Free OS in action.

It seems things are beginning to shape up. I've confirmed the venue at
Nadine House.
What sort of timings would suit everyone? I was thinking 11am - 2pm?
If we make it too long, it ties people up and we'd also struggle to
fill the day. If we make it too short, we might miss times when
visitors are available.

I've received a few promotional materials from SFD organisers. A
banner, some balloons, a few stickers and a couple of T-Shirts. I'll
bring them along on the day.

I was thinking of burning a few copies of OpenDisc 12.09 from
www,theopendisc.com in case any visitors wanted to take one away. I'll
also buy some tea, coffee, biscuits etc to keep us going.

If I get time, I'll try and print a few A5 flyers that describe
software freedom and give some contact points. That way if anyone
turns up who is short of time (or shy!) they could at least take some
info away with them.

Any other ideas for stuff?

Thanks for your help so far,

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