[Klug-general] Re: Mark Shuttleworth interview

Colin_The_Technician binarysignal at gmail.com
Fri Aug 11 17:17:45 BST 2006

> Ok. It felt personal. If my remarks to Colin felt personal to him I apologise.

I was not offended, if anything I probably offended others and you
with my radical use of the word radical.  I know you are a strong
advocate of Linux and apparently like their dog food too :-)  I also
know you are heavily involved with the community and do a lot.

I just don't think we (users of Linux) can win over Windows users when
we call them dumbasses, short sighted fools, and have a go at them for
using a crappy proprietary operating system.  (Those words are edited
out of your complete text for editoral effect)

On a surprising note, I was able to watch that More4 video on my
Ubuntu box with no funny tweaking, which is good as I am a newbie and
can't tweak.  All I did do when I installed Ubuntu was let Automatrix
do it's magic and magic it was because the video worked.  So now if
"Bill" comes over I can show him the video he wanted to show "John".
Think I will invite them both over to show them, anyone got their
email? :-)

And finally, I use Windows but could not afford to pay for it.  If I
did not have 'access' to a copy I would use Ubuntu and free software a
lot more.


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