[Klug-general] Re: Mark Shuttleworth interview

Karl Lattimer karl at nncc.info
Thu Aug 10 20:42:10 BST 2006

> I have had experience of getting media working on Linux. I am able to
> playback just about anything. This is one exception. It pissed me off in two
> ways really that I have my setup pretty sweet and along comes $CORP who put
> out content *about* linux and even *about* the distro I use and I can't view
> it. Secondly it annoyed me that last time they did this (as I mentioned with
> The IT Crowd) I *did* contact them and I got absolutely nothing back.

Licensing is a pain in the back side, if it wasn't for that then it'd
all be free hehe. 

> So often I do actually mobilise myself to do stuff, just on this occasion
> the double whammy kinda miffed me a bit.

Good, I normally go in bursts, I've sat hacking on gnome-dock these last
few days until the early hours trying to get some cool features added
before restructuring the code. I totally love C!! Its not that its
better than python or php or java even, its just that its more grease
monkey like, I'd rather hammer away at a old fashioned V12 than a fiddly
little Japanese engine or a fisher price 'my first engine'. 

> > Trac is very good, but spam prone, I have someone full time on
> > wine-doors.org killing spam and admining the wiki/tickets. Careful of
> > subversion though, there are some >issues< which large repositories.
> > 
> I help admin about a dozen wikis, some of which use an engine which is a
> fork of UseMod wiki affectionately called AbuseMod wiki. You can see it at
> http://hants.lug.org.uk/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?AbuseMod . The patches were
> developed to aide spam protection and are available on that site. Feel free
> to grab them and see if they can help trac. Clearly they're perl, trac is
> php isn't it? But you might get some good ideas from it.

Trac is python, I've thought about a simple image verification thing but
really can't be bothered to add the time or effort in when a shiny new
anti spam system is being introduced soon.

> > Did I say anything about you personally? Not exactly, the whole point
> > was to try and steer the list away from unnecessary rants about how this
> > should happen or that should happen or people should do this or that and
> > get more involved in making a difference.
> > 
> Ok. It felt personal. If my remarks to Colin felt personal to him I apologise.

The whole world is full of pussies and assholes, offence should be
brushed off online imho. I doubt he's taken offence and I didn't mean
any to you.

> > BTW, you painted a picture of yourself as someone who would rather complain than 
> > google and fix it, then write about how others can fix it, and also that you seemed 
> > to grasp the ideology of the community but not fact that we all have to do our bit.
> > 
> That picture isn't me. I frequently write up stuff I've done and even have a
> number of videos online of how to do stuff in Linux. I don't expect you to
> necessarily accept this after this thread but the fact is I do contribute to
> the community. I'm kinda upset to think that people think I don't. I don't
> have anything to prove to you, but as this is a public list it kinda pissed
> me off that the assertion you made could be derived from what I said.

Well you dropped the ball, google first... Man this whole google thing
is becoming somewhat like a cult.... Maybe I picked up a few things I
shouldn't and sorry if I was blunt but I caught glimpses of this thread
and it just made me think there isn't a point to it all, I mean we're
trying to make something better, that isn't just about money and
monopolies, breaking down walls to be metaphorical. I've just got sick
of complaining, I've heard too many people complain about complete non
issues, like the whole gnome vs. kde debate, KDE does way too much
nonsense imho, gnome does what is necessary and is more thought out, and
I've had people argue that the redundancy and abundancy of desktop
configurations make life better, and I just think that all the user
wants is consistency and not too many fiddly bits that can easily go

> I too attended LUGRadio Live this year, and even helped arrange a BoF
> session. In fact you spoke to me at LRL about wine doors.

Did we, lol I don't remember, I had a lot of beer ;)

> I apologise if I've annoyed anyone with this thread, that wasn't my
> intention. I guess the "I like windows" was one of the tipping points really.

That feckin OS just gets my hackles up too, I mean honestly, do you
really need to use OLE and ADSI to authenticate with a bleedin active
directory in perl.


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