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Marco Bertaglia marco.bertaglia at googlemail.com
Tue Aug 29 09:51:24 BST 2006

All right.

I was thinking that maybe most people are much the same as my wife.
She was concerned that as I wanted only Linux on our PC she would not
be able to do things and then she saw and was amazed: It's just as
easy. She discovered she could browse the internet and launch open
office writer or calc instead of MS word or excel. She just did not
imagine she was that easy. Then people are not only unaware of this
but they are also quite interested by lower cost... and after all
this, they may as well appreciate the open philosophy ;-)

Anyway, i do not want to go "Windows bashing" - just to show and if
Windows is better fro somebody and some things, then all right, let
the people choose, so long as they ca compare and understand and
choose knowingly ;-)


On 28/08/06, Kevin Groves <kgroves at ksoft-creative-projects.co.uk> wrote:
> Marco Bertaglia wrote:
> > One super thing at the kind of meeting you suggest:
> >
> > two identical PC, side by side, for hands-on demos
> >
> > one with all Windows-based OS + software
> >
> > one with all Linux-based OS + open source software
> >
> > comparable I mean
> >
> > and a tag with the total price of hardware + OS + software
> >
> > and then, let the people play and understand ;-))
> >
> I have a few issues with this kind of idea (even though it's a good one)...
> Who do you aim the software selection for? If it's gaming then Windows
> wins everytime. If it's home wp/spreadsheet then it's almost even but
> Windows wins because it's simple for the novice to understand the deal
> with. For music and graphics processing then Linux would nose into the
> lead. Then for anything bizzare Linux will leap ahead.
> I would suggest more than one setup and for the one to have *absolutly*
> amazing and unique software selection that you won't find under Windows.
> It's no good (and it's unprofesional) to goes Windows bashing. People
> won't take that, even if it is true.
> Kev,
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