[Klug-general] Re: Kent Digest, Vol 82, Issue 1

Alex Layfield alex at alexlayfield.force9.co.uk
Tue Aug 29 11:13:31 BST 2006

Kevin Groves wrote:
> Marco Bertaglia wrote:
>> One super thing at the kind of meeting you suggest:
>> two identical PC, side by side, for hands-on demos
>> one with all Windows-based OS + software
>> one with all Linux-based OS + open source software
>> comparable I mean
>> and a tag with the total price of hardware + OS + software
>> and then, let the people play and understand ;-))
> I have a few issues with this kind of idea (even though it's a good 
> one)...
> Who do you aim the software selection for? If it's gaming then Windows 
> wins everytime. If it's home wp/spreadsheet then it's almost even but 
> Windows wins because it's simple for the novice to understand the deal 
> with. For music and graphics processing then Linux would nose into the 
> lead. Then for anything bizzare Linux will leap ahead.
> I would suggest more than one setup and for the one to have 
> *absolutly* amazing and unique software selection that you won't find 
> under Windows.
So a couple of identical spec. setups with different applications... 
categories... Office/School, Gaming, Multimedia...
> It's no good (and it's unprofesional) to goes Windows bashing. People 
> won't take that, even if it is true.
Agreed... but just to show that Linux is as good as... I found, when I 
first looked at Linux, that I couldn't deal with the freedom it gave 
me... I needed to be told where to put My Documents... and for peace of 
mind, needed to learn where Temp files hung out, Program Files, System 
Files, Windows, C:\Windows\Options\Cabs et cetera...
> Kev,
Identical machines we can get from ComTech (Recycler) up in London... 
I'm sure Alan'd lend us a few...


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