[Klug-general] Website Unveiling

Kevin Groves kgroves at ksoft-creative-projects.co.uk
Mon Apr 2 20:27:21 BST 2007

When you count the vote on Sunday (although I dont think you need to 
really), I will be needing to shut the current site down *very* quickly 
due to a major revamp of my site. My main site is now down so this needs 
to happen please.

I suggest anyone here who has an account create a new account over on 
the new one ASAP please as the whole site will be wiped in this process.

Colin, can you put a news article on the current one pointing to the new 
site? I can do that if you want but you might want to mention things 
about setting up accounts etc. Once my site is down there will be a 
redirection until the main kent.lug.org.uk web redirect repoints from 
mine to the new one.


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