[Klug-general] Debian 4.0 released

Allen Brooker allen at allenjb.me.uk
Tue Apr 10 09:33:26 BST 2007

Dan Attwood wrote:
> The choice for debian is want you want to run it on. ie;
> athlon, athlon64, pentium, sparc, mips, arm, toaster, casio
> calculator, fusion powered super computer, dead badger, my mates daves
> spectrum, the 486 i use as a doorstop
> Seriously though I don't think you should knock debian to hard, sure
> they have problems but at least they make a good base for other
> distros to do it right

Sorry, but in my opinion Gentoo beats them severely on both points. Hey, 
how many distro's can run on a PS3? And creating a new distro based on 
Gentoo can be as simple as creatign an overlay and continuing to use the 
main Gentoo package repository and mirrors for the msot part - Sabayon 
does this and is apparently the favoured distro of the Beryl developers.


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